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Silvio’s Bio

He was Born in the 70s!

Silvio was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil when the independence of Brazil was happening right next to his house in Ipiranga, his hometown.

Silvio started cooking when he was 14 years old. Spending every weekend traveling to the beach for his other favorite hobby, surf.

In Maresias Beach, he fell in love with the culinary experience of the meats and seafood. Silvio remembers the end of the afternoon he went to meet with the Fishman on the beach to source fresh fish. He walked back to the lodge, live fish in hands to create the freshest seafood recipes with vegetables, seasonings, and wraps of banana leaves on the grill.

At the local butcher shop, shop owners knew and loved Silvio., e always purchased the best cuts of meat to prepare barbeques for his friends and family to enjoy. Silvio’s BBQ’s rapidly picked up popularity, and he began getting invites to cook at parties for friends and families., Thus his love for BBQ and surfing grew! Silvio always stopped to think “Is that I want for my life? I always thought there is something else, better waiting for me…”

That is when he decided to move to California in 2000. Looking for a Californian Dream. Growing up with his father telling him  “you BBQ too much you need to work more.  The BBQing will not create a future son.” In California, his life started again. Starting with BBQs in friend’s houses Growing into his phone ringing for invites to BBQs Brazilian style. Eventually, in one of these BBQs, Silvio along with a bunch good friends and potential investors, began discussing opening a Brazilian Barbecue Catering Company. After that BBQ & Silvio never stopped and the discussion turned into a reality.

In 2003 Silvio and his friends started his first Brazilian Barbecue Catering Company in Southern California which became one of the biggest Food Vending and Brazilian Catering in LA. In 2008 that grew into Silvio and his friends opening his first restaurant on Beach. Which remains a local’s favorite!

Yes, he fulfilled his dreams, but Silvio never stopped dreaming., Now Silvio wants to go back to his roots, cooking and barbecuing in his client’s houses, just has done for friends in the beginning.

Old Friends

“Best Friends”.

I’m glad for the great memories, best friends, cold beers, good laughter I hope never to miss a bbq with friends keep the tradition

Maresias Beach

Sao Paulo , Brazil

Maresias is a beach and district at the Atlantic Ocean in the city of São Sebastião, located on São Paulo state’s northern coastline, Brazil. The name comes from the ocean breeze that affects the beach and the neighborhood.